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A valuable corrective to nice, cheery advice

March 4, 2008

Hello, I’m an HR professional, and I fucking loathe most career advice that’s handed out.  Some of it is well-meaning.  Some of it is egregiously stupid (Exhibit A: marketroid and general retard Penelope Trunk).  Most of it is worthless.

 What I’m offering is basic, common sense stuff that you can find anywhere mixed in with some harsh realities, nasty truths, and sometimes me just being a total prick because I feel like it. 

 A few points:

 — Don’t waste your time emailing me.  Post a comment and I will reply if I feel like it.

 — Feel free to argue points or offer your own advice.  Just be practical about it, I started this blog because I’m tired of the blowjobs-and-rainbows attitude taken by most career-advice areas.

 — You get what you pay for.  I’m no replacement for your own goddamn common sense.

— I encourage anonymous commenting.  And also blatant hostility. 

 Annnnnnnd away we go!